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Eco Therapy

Woodland walk with felled tree leaves

Background to Eco-therapy

Since the  beginning of time people have been exploring the wilderness experience and how ‘mind’ and ‘nature’ interact. In the 1990s Theodore Roszak introduced the term Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy emerged.


Since then assisted by ongoing research, the advancement of neuroscience, particularly in relation to traumatic and somatic experiences,the links between our mental health and the natural environment are becoming more evident.


Ecotherapy has become increasingly acknowledged to be an effective and suitable intervention for meeting and responding to the mental health needs of people  of all ages.


What is Eco-therapy?


Eco-therapy derives from the belief that people are part of the web of life and that we are not isolated nor separate from our environment.


Ecotherapy sessions provide the opportunity for a person to understand themselves more deeply. In a private natural setting, they can have the space to connect to and think about feelings and responses to themselves and the natural world, their wider environment,the past, present and future and anything else that arises. Combining Ecotherapy and Play Therapy helps make difficult subjects lighter. Just as in play therapy people of all ages can choose whether or not they need to talk about anything. Many sessions are content and word free. There is no pressure to ‘talk’ out feelings if people don't want to.


By creating a safe, secure space we use a range of modalities to build a sense of connection, belonging, purpose, meaning and resilience and whatever else people think they need. We believe that people are the experts on themselves. We have just been trained in additional skills to help people realise their own potential.


Eco-therapy may be a positive choice for anyone who has experienced past and present trauma, anxiety, stress, abuse and mental health difficulties as help to build useful practical  and transferable life skills and techniques which can be accessed at any time.


Working with Children of all ages cradle to grave! 


As child's language is play, experiences and knowledge are best communicated through play and movement. Fun freeing time spent in nature can become an integral way for them to integrate all their senses and develop a strong sense of self. 

Rewilding Project

This is our first video to chart the progress of our rewilding project. More videos to come!

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