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Outdoor therapy and Learning

2 horses doing mutual grooming

Outdoor education programmes give the opportunity to learn the following.  Fire building and making, Foraging and making your own products, Woodcraft, Whittling and weaving. Using natural products such as leaves, feathers  for natural arts, Cobb building, Animal tracking, shelter building, woodland clearing, exploring and adventure treks, scent work with animals. 

We also teach about the complex network of natural life and how it impacts on our wider lives In the broader sense.

 Outdoor Play Therapy-  clients of all ages take part in unique to themselves bespoke therapeutic and educational sessions focusing on their own goals and aims. Sessions are pre-planned session by session but need to be flexible to meet the ever changing needs of clients. 

Whole family Therapy we specialise in working with the whole family. Our bespoke systemic  therapeutic approach allows children to attend NINCIC alongside their carer, parent and siblings to create opportunities for new beginnings and improved relationships

Nature-Based Group Therapy

Based on the principles of non-directive play therapy, practical skills-based outdoor learning and eco-psychology This 9 week half day programme provides  a powerful opportunity for selected groups to express current feelings, heal past trauma and build resilience, learn and have fun. Participants will be able to immerse themselves in the whole outdoor experience which in turn will assist with improved social relationships, and new connections to others and the natural environment including other non-human animals.  This programme assists participants to develop their inner resources and sense of self that will carry forward for the rest of their lives. This approach has been shown to raise self-esteem, build confidence, and improve attainment in school and work attendance.

Adult specific group work

There is a strong body of evidence linking nature connection work and natural play to improved physical and mental well-being and resilience. (summary in National Trust 2012; RSPB 2012; Play England 2007, MIND 2013; Bird 2012) our bespoke group work sessions are geared towards delivering the following outcomes, Build self esteem, Build community and social cohesion, develop new friendships Increase existing skills and introduce new skills, Increase physical and mental well being,  increase access to the natural environment especially those who rely on public transport or/and are living on low incomes. Assist with future employment. Increase understanding or and knowledge and respect for the wider environment, break down barriers around status, ability age, gender, ethnicity and culture. Offer positive role models, Have fun! 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy will be offered to a small number of children whose complexity of needs initially  requires specialist therapeutic individual interventions rather than in a group setting.  These children and young people based on assessment needs will be offered individual or Family Therapy from a varied menu of options such as Play therapy, Filial therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT tapping), EMDR, Animal Assisted Play therapy and 1-1 nature-based therapy.  This will be determined by the individual needs of each child.

Partnership Working

Nurtured in Nature provides  bespoke courses and programmes to work with local community-based services. We welcome expressions of interest from organisations that would like to commission our services or who would be willing to work in partnership with us so we can collaborate and provide specific needs based services.

Volunteers we work with a wide range of volunteers including ex-service users and young ambassadors.

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